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26 Apr 2012 11:27 AMDiana, Kenmore, Security, GateThanks to you and your team Ivo, for our new Alarm, Auto Gate and Intercom. It's given me peace of mind that my kids are safe playing in the front yard, and I choose who comes into our property. With a recent spate of break-ins in the street, I'm feeling more confident that our house won't be a target.More...Licensee PersonCave Secure

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Thankyou! Please let us send you a Gift!20 May 2013 8:13 PMThankyou! Please let us send you a Gift!Thankyou! Your Referral is our Greatest Compliment, and we'd like to say Thanks! We pride ourselves on our high level of customer service, thorough technical knowledge and professionalism at Cave Secure.More...Licensee PersonCave Secure

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Alarm Monitoring Specialist In Brisbane

We can help with all your 24hr Alarm Monitoring needs, for any home or business.

Call us on 1300 299 937 or email sales@instantsecurity.com.au to discuss our latest Special Offers! Or kindly complete our Enquiry Form and we will Contact you!

Alarm Monitoring

Cave Secure provides an alarm monitoring service to help keep your home or business protected, and leave you secure in the knowledge that we monitor your property at all times, so you don’t have to.

Here are some advantages of monitored security systems:

24/7 monitoring

Our 24/7 monitoring facility ensures that your alarm system will be monitored all day, every day. There is peace of mind knowing that any breach of your security system will be immediately picked up. Cave Secure’s alarm monitoring centre will notify you straight away that your alarm has been activated, and contact emergency services to respond to the alarm. The monitored alarm systems can detect everything from a broken window or fire, to movement inside a building.

Extra protection for businesses and homes

Monitored alarm security systems help to protect your property, possessions, and most importantly, your family. They can provide peace of mind as a business owner that your premises, equipment and stock are secure.

Having your alarm system monitored can make it far more difficult for thieves to make a quick getaway, because local patrol officers are notified quickly after the alarm has been activated. The alarms can also greatly reduce fire damage by activating as soon as the smoke detector goes off, which allows the fire department to respond faster.

Another benefit of installing this type of security is that burglars may well be deterred if they see a sign that identifies the premises as being fitted with a monitored alarm system.

Security officers

Cave Secure guarantee a services for Alarm Monitoring to residential and commercial properties in Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast. Alarm Monitoring offers peace of mind to ensure your family and business are protected.

Security patrol officers are immediately alerted when your alarm is activated, and they could be at your business premises or home within minutes, increasing the chance of catching burglars, and reducing the risk of excessive damage in the event of fire or vandalism.

Located in the western Brisbane suburb of Kenmore, Cave Secure can provide alarm-monitoring services across Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast.

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